Sass Class

Sass Class is where we laugh, listen and learn with other women to lift our spirits, sweeten our minds and love our bodies and selves.

Sass Class offers you two unique opportunities for connecting with other women in therapeutic groups – Sass Class Group and Sass Class Camp.

Sassiness is about learning to overrule that critical voice inside us that tells us we are not enough – not smart enough, accomplished or young enough, beautiful enough, and worthy enough, Enough, already!

We are worthy and deserving; become a better friend to yourself.

Sass Class is a place to make new friends and to nourish our friendship to ourselves with the guidance of a caring and compassionate group leader. Leah will provide a safe environment to explore the issues you desire to move past.

Sass Camp

Red Bay, Ontario

Women’s Retreat at Lake Huron Cottage
A 3-day/ 2-night event.

Send us an email to with subject SASS CLASS CAMP.
We continuously run these retreats of small groups of women.
Get back to us to add your sassiness to our next retreat.
Join us for the late summer magic of the Bruce Peninsula.

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We are planning another camp. Please return to this site checking for updates.

We will enjoy cottage time in the company of other spirited women. The focus is self-care in our natural forested setting with campfires, beach time and the stunning Red Bay sunsets.

Bring your cares to the lake and leave restored and revitalized.

We tailor the group work to the needs and interests of our group including themes of self-care, assertiveness, self-love, and self-esteem through compassion. Several creative activities and down time, such as meditation, trail walks, writing, beach time, jewelry making, puzzles, Crokinole, or anything else you prefer to be as active or inactive as you need.

Let’s enjoy the therapy of less work and more play as we heal in the company of one another.

Sass Group

When we feel overwhelmed, we can take comfort in the support and experience of other women

Sass Class Group is led by Leah Valian, a Registered Social Worker and Certified Sex Therapist.

We meet twice monthly to support and encourage one another. This is a time to reflect on our lives and grow together.

Sass Class group meets in Ayr, Ontario
Alternate Monday mornings from 9:30-11:30
An investment in yourself for 7 self-care sessions.
maximum number 8 women


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Registration options coming to this page soon including online registration by PayPal.

For now, please contact us at to register for Sass Class Camp or Sass Class Group.

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